Vol. 3 No. 2, Summer / Fall '03

Each issue of intelligent agent online magazine is published in a modular format:
  • 3 thematic threads with contributing writers
  • reviews on festivals, exhibitions, net art, books, tech sector

    All content is available in html and as pdf files with layout, which allow readers to assemble customized issues.
    The content of Vol. 3 No. 2 (combining 2 quarterly issues) was published over a period of 6 months.

    Red = Most recently published articles.

    Patrick Lichty, Life Imitates R™ark (per se) or Commodifying the Antagonistic (pdf)


    mobility / wireless
    Joel Slayton, Entailment Mesh (pdf)
    Scott Paterson et al., Towards an Emotional GPS: Writing Your Own City (pdf)
    Fee Plumley et al., The Wireless Confusion, a Call to Arms (pdf)
    Giselle Beiguelmann, Wireless Conditions (pdf)

    Rafael A. Fajardo, Pixels, Politics and Play: Digital Video Games As Social Commentary (pdf)
    Andrew Kurtz, Rerouting History: On Delta Force -- Black Hawk Down (pdf)
    Troy Innocent, Reality Play: threads on digital games (pdf)
    Mia Makela, Metapet -- genetic code in the service of the brave new world: an interview with Natalie Bookchin (pdf)

    virtual reality / 3D
    Margaret Dolinsky, Audio Sequencers and Sound-Activated Graphics in Networking (pdf)
    Christiane Paul, About Avatara: An Interview with Jeremy Turner (on the Avatara DVD, see reviews) (pdf)
    Jack Ox & David Britton, Gridjam (pdf)
    Melinda Rackham, The Dimensional Internet: Web3D -empyre- lab3D (pdf)

    the political sphere (continued from Vol. 3 No. 1)
    Mike Mosher, Unionizing Silicon Valley, Part II: Promising Victories and Cultural Strategies (pdf)

    Curt Cloninger, On Archiving, Ephemera, and Analog Distortion (pdf)


    Patrick Lichty, JPG (Japan Graphics, DAP, NY) (pdf)
    Patrick Lichty, Virtual Art by Oliver Grau (pdf)

    Ricardo Dominguez, Blood of Bin Laden (pdf)

    Patrick Lichty, The Choreography of Everyday Movement by Teri Rueb (pdf)

    Patrick Lichty, NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK by Givord, Lenclos et al. (pdf)

    Leigh Clemons, Why the "24" Website scares me (pdf)

    Patrick Lichty, The Animatrix (pdf)
    Christiane Paul, Avatara (by 536) (pdf)

    Dena Eber, SIGGRAPH Art Show (pdf)