time capsule a site-specific art work by eduardo kac
serious games: art--interaction--technology exhibition review by kenneth wahl
we love your computer an interview with jodi by tilman baumgärtel
linking and filtering, reading and writing by noah wardrip-fruin
the el nino effect by robbin murphy
artists and math by lee harrington
screening our lives an interview with sherry turkle by adrianne wortzel
omnizone--mapping perspectives of digital culture by stephen pusey and yu yeon kim

intelligent agent

fyi arts

fyi education

cd rom reviews

sacred and secular: the aerial photography of marilyn bridges
"arial landscape sermons"
by norman weinstein

the little magazine, vol.1
"digitized avant-garde writing"
by norman weinstein

john maeda's reactive book series
by Jim Gasperini

website reviews

art websites addressing the issue of cybergeography and online identity

the william blake archive
"illuminating william blake"
by robbin murphy

eyebeam atelier

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